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How to get to Laguna de Tota in Boyacá, what to do, where to sleep and where to eat

How to get to Laguna de Tota in Boyacá, what to do, where to sleep and where to eat

2018-12-20 21:50:29

Tota Lake, located in Colombia's Boyacá department, is one of the most popular destinations chosen by travelers who decide to travel across Colombia and discover all its wonderful places. Tota Lake is biggest natural lake in Colombia and the third largest in all of the Americas, but what is truly amazing about this lake is that, despite of being at 3,015 meters above the sea level, Tota Lake has a beach and waters from 0 to 22°C , reason why it is considered unique and special.

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If you are planning on coming to this wonderful place, just pack your bags and let us guide you  on how to get to Tota Lake, what to do, where to sleep and where to eat.

We Colombians tend to think that free things are the best, so to get you excited from the beginning, we will start by telling you that the entrance to Tota Lake is free!


How to get to Tota Lake?

To get to Tota Lake, you can take a  bus from the Bogota Bus Terminal to Sogamoso. The bus ticket costs 22.000 COP. At Sogamoso, take a bus to Tota Lake, for a cost of 7.000 COP. Just remember to tell the driver that you are going to Tota Lake so they know to drop you off in the right place.

If you are in Tunja; capital of the department, you can also get to Tota Lake by taking a bus from the bus terminal to Sogamoso. This route is shorter and on the way you will get the opportunity to admire some of the most beautiful and colorful towns in Boyaca. Then, in Sogamoso, you can take a bus to Playa Blanca.


What to do in Tota Lake?

There are different activities to do in Tota Lake. On one hand, you can participate in ecotourism, hiking around the park and around the lake.

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You can also choose to practice water sports, to go fishing, or to simply take a boat with some friends cruise around the lake visiting some of the nearby islands. You can also take a walk through the small but charming forest that is at the north of the lake and appreciate the flora of the region.

Finally, you could indulge in the unique cold weather beach of the country: Playa Blanca. If you decide to spend the night there, you can light up a fire and enjoy its warmth while you share songs, jokes and good moments with friends.


Where to sleep in Tota Lake?

There is a wide variety of places to sleep on the outskirts of the Tota Lake. You can find hotels, farms, huts, country houses, and camping areas. For camping, it is 10.000 COP if you carry your own tent and, if not, it costs 20.000 COP per person per night. Keep in mind that the weather is quite cold, so if you are going to camp,  the best is to bring a sufficient amount of warm clothing.

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Where to eat in Tota Lake?

The good thing about being in a touristy place is that you can find a variety of restaurants with good prices so you can enjoy all the food in Boyacá, which is particularly delicious. Also, if you prefer, you can take your own food and make a fire to prepare it.

Now that you are traveling around this part of Colombia, you can get to Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world You can also get to Guatape, in the department of Antioquia, visit Cocora Valey, Visit Villa de Leiva, or maybe get to know the natural wonders around Bogota. However, if you haven't decided where you would like to go yet, you can visit this blog and learn about everything we recommend for you.