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The best islands in Colombia that you can not miss

The best islands in Colombia that you can not miss

2019-05-11 18:51:37

Colombia is an incomparable destination, it is a rich land in fauna, flora and landscapes that leave more than one with an the mouth open and with the memoryforever alive in the memory and the heart. One of the many things, for example, that make Colombia special, is that it is the only country in South America bathed by two oceans: the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, which translates into thousands of kilometers of beaches and spectacular scenery, and moreover, it means the existence of places that can resemble paradise, as are the islands in Colombia.

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There are hundreds of islands in Colombia , all beautiful and too attractive, which is why it was difficult to write this post, but after a hard thought, we make this article with the best islands in Colombia that you can not miss in Colombia


The most beautiful and best islands in Colombia


San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina

San Andres

San Andrés , Providencia and Santa Catalina are perhaps the most famous and recognized nationally and internationally (three) islands, perhaps also because it is the only department in the country that is in the middle of the sea and hundreds of kilometers from the rest, however, is not only that, San Andrés is a true Caribbean paradise that invites you to enjoy and relax. Providencia is a magical destination: it has a sea of seven colors, the third largest barrier reef in the world, making it one of the Biosphere Reserves in Colombia , and hundreds of amazing landscapes, as well as music , gastronomy and its people.

Isla Múcura

Located very close to Cartagena and Monteria, Isla Múcura is a perfect place for rest, for snorkeling, diving and to swim among the famous luminous plankton; also with dolphins. Very close is Tintinpan, another very beautiful island that you will not want to miss. These two are the islands in Colombia to enjoy the best couple plans.

Rosario Islands

Rosario Islands

Another set of islands in Colombia that are part of the Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo National Natural Park, and represent one of the best options to rest and forget about everything during a weekend. The Rosario Islands are very popular with tourists and there are plenty of reasons, you just need to mention their beautiful turquoise waters to be enchanted with such a paradise. They are very close to Cartagena and reaching them is very easy.

Corota Island

This is one of the islands in Colombia that is not on the north coast of Colombia, but inside of the country, in the department of Nariño, specifically, in the middle of Laguna de Cocha , and although it is rather small, it is a place where you can live a unique experience, as it is considered a sanctuary of fauna and flora due to  the number of species of tropical plants, birds and insects. Previously it was a sacred site for the indigenous people who lived in this part of the country and as a result, today, a special and renewing energy fills the island.

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Gorgona Island

Isla Gorgona is one of the most interesting islands in Colombia , we believe that. The History of Gorgona is full of thousands of snakes, a maximum security abandoned prison and a lot of adventure, however, that does not take away the attraction of the island, which are its landscapes and it is the best place to dive in the country , and see the humpback whales that make their arrival in the Pacific waters between June and September of each year. This island is ideal to get out of the routine and explore a bit of Colombian biodiversity.


So, have you decided your destination for the next vacation ? If you want to be inspired here you will find many more options to travel and discover Colombia