The best museums in Colombia that you can not miss visiting
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The best museums in Colombia that you can not miss visiting

Vie, 10 enero 2020
The best museums in Colombia that you can not miss visiting

Knowing and visiting museums; and mainly the museums of Colombia , it is an activity that must be done always, in each trip that we do, we should go to visit at least one museum, since these are more than just places to keep old things; as many people believe, they are places where the invaluable heritage of the people and the nation are kept, so we do not only know about history and culture, but we are an important part of the social transformation of the countries.

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Now, in the country there are hundreds of museums; museums for everybody liking, museums so diverse and fascinating, that when you go to visit them, I assure you that the experience far from being boring or monotonous, will be fun, so we invite you to visit the best museums in Colombia to understand the history and essence of the country and the regions.

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Best museums in Colombia


National Museum of Colombia - Bogotá

This is one of the largest and most important museums in Colombia , as well as the oldest in America. It was created in 1823 and offers its visitors more than 2,500 works and objects of national heritage divided into 17 rooms with permanent collections of art, history, archeology and ethnography, and as if that was not enough, there are always temporary exhibitions of national and international exhibitions.

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Gold Museum - Bogotá

The Gold Museum of the Banco de la República is perhaps one of the most fascinating museums in Colombia , as its name suggests it contains large collections of goldsmiths, ceramics, lithics and other materials of the indigenous civilizations that inhabited the regions of Colombia. that visiting it is a great opportunity to learn about the customs, costumes and heritage of our elder brothers. The Gold Museum has several national venues such as the Quimbaya Gold Museum in Armenia , the Calima Gold Museum in Cali , the Zenú Gold Museum in Cartagena , the Ethnographic Gold Museum in Leticia , the Nariño Gold Museum in Pasto , the Tairona Gold Museum in Santa Marta and the main headquarters of the Gold Museum in Bogotá , which is the largest and picks up a bit from each of the other museums, but also offers various exhibitions and permanent and temporary exhibitions, such as Thematic tours.


The Castle Museum and Gardens - Medellín

It is one of the museums of Colombia ; or rather the only real Colombian museum there is, and by real I mean that this museum is a castle that is inspired by the golden age of European monarchies, specifically the castles of the Loire Valley in France. It is the museum with the largest collection of decorative arts in Medellin , a tourist attraction for culture, art and tradition lovers and even if you are not, you will love this museum, either because visiting it is an experience just for the castle or for its gardens that are inspired by different period times and places of Europe and America.


Caribbean Museum Gabriel García Márquez - Barranquilla

In Barranquilla there is the first of the museums in Colombia ,also known as the Cultural Park of the Caribbean,  that focuses on the Caribbean region, its environmental, historical and sociocultural dimensions. The museum offers a space for the strengthening of the Caribbean identity, so in this museum you will have the opportunity, in an interactive way, to know everything that characterizes the Costenos; people from the north coast, their music, customs, history and much more.


Museum of Antioquia - Medellín

The Museum of Antioquia was the first founded in the capital Paisa and the second founded among all the museums of Colombia . This one, lodges more than 5.000 pieces that include integral goods of the national archaeological patrimony, contemporary art, as well as an important collection of the recognized artist Fernando Botero, donated by himself to the museum.


Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino and Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art - Santa Marta

The Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino is one of the main and most important museums of Colombia and of the countries liberated by Simón Bolívar, since it is a hacienda of honey, rum and sugar. It became a little more than 200 years ago in the last place visited by the liberator and where he died. In the main house you can see objects that belonged to him, the arrangement of the furniture is exactly the same as they were at the time of his death, even the clock in his room stopped at the exact time of his death and thus preserves a room that has remained detained in time, nothing has been changed since his death.  In the Quinta you will also find a Botanical Garden , the Altar of the Fatherland and the Museum of Contemporary Art that is a heritage for the 6 Bolivarian nations.

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Museum of sugar cane - Valle del Cauca

This museum is part of the Piedechinche ranch, located 42 kilometers from Cali, between the municipalities of Palmira and El Cerrito. The hacienda where the museum is located was founded in the eighteenth century and is a sample of the colonial architecture of the time and this area was the cradle of the first important sugar mills that gave rise to the sugar industry. In the museum you can take a walk in calambuco; transport of the time that consists of a bus cabin pulled by a tractor, between the cane fields.

If you are traveling through Colombia know what are the plans that you can not stop doing , among which you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage monuments and if you are traveling alone in Colombia do not worry, here are excellent places for you.

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