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Best places to observe stars in Colombia

Best places to observe stars in Colombia

2018-11-21 16:10:34

Best places to observe stars in ColombiaThe best places to observe stars in Colombia

Our country is a privileged place in many ways which make it unique and special, and precisely one of those, is the opportunity to observe stars in Colombia when night falls, because there are still places in the country away from light pollution where one can go, lie down, relax and let yourself immerse in this fascinating activity.

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The truth is that looking at the stars is a plan that not everyone can or is able to enjoy, because this activity has something both romantic, and mysterious that leads each person to question their existence and life itself, but above all this plan gives intense sensations that are not easy to forget. In our country, this is an activity that is gaining strength and in recent years has become another option for tourism in Colombia.

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Therefore, below, we bring you a list of the best places to look at the stars in Colombia , and do not miss the opportunity to cheer up and do something out of the ordinary if you are near any of these places.


Unmissable places to observe the stars in Colombia

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva, is one of the most beautiful Heritage Villages in Colombia ; It has many reasons that make your visit to Colombia special . Here you can go to the Astronomical Observatory of Zaquencipá and observe the stars during the  day or night with the help of specialized telescopes. As I said before, this place is so special that every year they do an Astronomical Festival and during December there is shower of stars.

Puerto López

This place located in the department of Meta, is another excellent option to see stars in Colombia , where you can visit the Cafam Oriental Plains Ecotourism Center and participate in various specialized activities, such as talks, advice and of course star observation with laser beam.


Desert of La Tatacoa

This fantastic desert located in Huila , also offers the opportunity to observe stars in Colombia , thanks to its location as it is a dry and high place. In this desert there is an observatory that offers various plans that include a talk about Greek mythology, cosmology, physics and other relevant topics around the universe. Here the option is to spend the night in camping tents or one of the inns that are there (although I prefer the first one). You can take your telescope, although in the place they lend them to you.


Cabo de la Vela

Cabo de la Vela in La Guajira is another fantastic and very special place to see stars in Colombia, here you will not only have the opportunity to observe the stars as such, but you can take a workshop or an accompaniment to understand what stars are can you see from there, all done  while you have the sea in the background and in one of the houses of the Wayú culture, where you can hear about their vision of the stars and the universe. Another place only two and a half hours away to observe stars is Punta Gallinas, the northernmost point of Colombia and South America.


Desert of La Candelaria

Also known as the "desert of souls", it is one of those magical places near Bogotá , where you can escape from routine and do unconventional activities such as looking at the stars. Its lands are ideal for this plan and packages are offered here to carry out this activity, which includes explanations and observation with laser beam.


Tayrona Park

Tayrona National Park is definitely another place to observe stars in Colombia . Although no specialized plan on the subject is offered here, it is possible to witness nights full of stars. The plan is to jump in the sand to observe stars with the sound and of the waves in the background. Without a doubt, it is a unique experience that will awaken new sensations.


Tips to observe stars in Colombia

It is important that you find out about the conditions of the place, a little before, so that you take what is necessary, however, you can not miss a good par of tennis to be comfortable, long and cool pants, sunscreen and repellent, plastic bags to protect your belongings.

Carry some good binoculars, instead of telescope, although if you ask me, it does not matter if you do not have any of these two devices. It is true that the experience can be much better, but not having them can not stop your from doing this activity that believes me, is worth it.

It is also advisable to have a celestial chart or specialized help, but if it is possible, there are apps that will help you locate the celestial bodies. One last recommendation, get full with patience due to the changing weather conditions in our country.


Now if you are ready to see stars in Colombia and be part of something unique in the world. If you want to be inspired and discover the places, here you will find many more options to travel around Colombia