Requirements for traveling with pets in and out of Colombia.
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Requirements for traveling with pets in and out of Colombia

Miér, 24 julio 2019
Requirements for traveling with pets in and out of Colombia

Day by day pets earn a huge space in our lives and especially in our homes. These furry friends are a family member more  and as with any other member, sometimes you will want to pack and take your pet to your next trip . If so, read on because below we tell you all the requirements and what you need to know to travel with pets in and out of Colombia.

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Requirements to enter or leave Colombia when traveling with pets



The first thing you should do when traveling with pets is to register it and the person with whom the pet will travel . Registration is done for free on this link . If you are going to enter Colombia with your pet, you must go to the ICA office at the ports, airports or border crossings to carry out the documentary and physical inspection of the pet and then issue the Certificate of Sanitary Inspection.

In order to receive the Health Inspection Certificate, you must provide the following documentation to the ICA official:

1. Health Certificate

A certificate issued or endorsed by the health entity of the country of origin must be presented in original and copy with stamp, signature and date of issue that does not pass ten days at the time of entering Colombia with pets.

The certificate must include the species, breed, sex, age and color of the animal; submit it to a clinical examination by a veterinarian to state that it is completely healthy; and, that it received an internal and external antiparasitic treatment less than 30 days before the trip. Everything, to ensure that your pet is in sanitary conditions to be transported.

2. Certificate of vaccination

If you want to travel with pets , you must also present the original vaccination certificate and a copy, showing all the vaccines that the animal has received, especially the last rabies vaccination. You should keep in mind that the minimum age allowed for pets to enter Colombia is four months.

3. Physical inspection of the animal

Then the veterinarian of the ICA office verify that all the documentation is correct, and perform a physical exam that confirmed that all the data contained in the Certificates are fine and there is no problem.

4. Issuance of the Sanitary Inspection Certificate (CIS)

Once the verification of the documents and the physical examination have been done and everything is in order, the Health Inspection Certificate is issued so that you can travel with your pets in Colombia . The certificate has a cost of 47,311 COP.


Travel with pets outside Colombia

Now, if you want to travel abroad with a pet from Colombia you should inform yourself very well with the corresponding institution in the destination country to know what documentation you need, because each State manages these policies differently. For example, for Australia dogs and cats from Colombia are not allowed. To enter Brazil with pets, the Health Inspection Certificate issued by the ICA must be apostilled in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The same happens to travel to Panama , which also requires that the original and copy vaccination certificate containing  the rabies, distemper (distemper), parvovirus, leptospirosis and hepatitis vaccines.

In China, Curacao, Japan and Trinidad and Tobago , a pre-approval admission permit must be requested from the Veterinary Service of the country that corresponds prior to admission and once there, comply with the provisions of the permit and fill out the required forms.

To travel with pets to the United States of America make sure that the sanitary certificate issued by the veterinarian says that the pet is free of the Cochliomyia Hominivorax parasite. The minimum age to enter the country is four months with the rabies vaccine applied one month before.

In the case of Aruba , a pre-approval permit must be requested via mail to the mail vetservice, the certificate must have the same considerations as the one for the United States, but in addition this certificate must register the microchip number that identifies the pet and a specific treatment against endo and ectoparasites with injectable ivermectin no more than 72 hours before arrival.

To travel with pets to the European Union, United Kingdom and Switzerland , you must ensure that the animal has a microchip that complies with ISO 11784 and applies HDX or FDX-B technology, so that it can be read with a compatible reading device with ISO 11785. A rabies antibody titre test should be performed.

The sample must be taken and sent by a veterinarian and the result of laboratory analysis of neutralizing antibodies against Rabies (original and copy) must be carried out by a laboratory authorized by the European Union and its result must not be less than 0.5 ml. On the other hand, the serum sample must be taken one month after the rabies vaccination and three months before displacement, that is, the minimum age for the pet to enter the countries of the European Union is seven months

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