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Rock art in Colombia. Unmissable places to admire this art

Rock art in Colombia. Unmissable places to admire this art

2018-12-07 02:31:37

Hidden deep in the bowels of the jungle and shaped on giant rocks that surpass the trees, there are a series of paintings; known as rock art, which are the living testimony of ancient civilizations from more than 20,000 years over, in which scenes of warriors, hunters, animals and geometric figures are observed.

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These cave paintings that are thousands of years old, were discovered recently and surprised the world due to the extraordinary nature of their technique and the places where they were found. In fact, rock art is one of Colombia's greatest cultural treasures.

This art is for those lovers of history and adventure and who are eager to discover the secrets of our ancestors, so if you are one of those, you should make sure to include one of these destinations in your travel list of Colombia .


Destinations where you can admire rock art


National Park of Chiribiquete

The Serrania de Chiribiquete is one of the destinations that houses one of the largest and most amazing collections of rock paintings in Colombia . This place is one of the gifts that the peace process between the FARC and the Government left to the country, to history and to humanity, because this mountain range entered the list of World Heritage by Unesco since 2018.


San Jacinto and San Juan Nepomuceno

These municipalities in the department of Bolívar, are home to a series of archaeological treasures that were elaborated by the natives of the Zenú culture. The paintings found here are also called petroglyphs, because they were engraved in stone. These treasures date back to 4,000 BC and are considered the oldest pieces in America.


Archaeological Park of Facatativá

In this is another place; also known as Piedras del Tunjo , you can admire rock paintings in Colombia . It is located very close to Bogotá and contains about 60 murals of rock art.


Petroglyphs of Angosturas I and II

At 16 kilometers from the Macarena, in the department of Meta, there are the Petroglyphs of Angostura I and II , which are large anthropomorphic representations. These engravings offer a spectacle of great beauty to those who practice kayaking and rafting in the ravine of Angosturas of the Guayabero River.

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Los Santos and the Chicamocha Canyon

These two places in Santander are two of the richest archaeological and cultural sites in Colombia. The cave paintings of this area were made by the indigenous Guane culture and most of their paintings represent different animals and the sun, elements that were considered sacred to them.

So, have you decided your destination for the next vacation? If you want to be inspired here you will find many more options to travel and discover Colombia