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  • Birthday of Santa Marta, we celebrate its 493 years with this curious data of the city
Birthday of Santa Marta, we celebrate its 493 years with this curious data of the city

Birthday of Santa Marta, we celebrate its 493 years with this curious data of the city

2018-07-29 10:28:58

Every July 29 is the birthday of Santa Marta. A date in which the city dresses up to partyand celebrate its history, its beauty and its magical realism.

Santa Marta, above all things is a special city ; It is impossible not to love it when you visit and feel nostalgic when you leave. About Santa Marta many you can tell many things, that's why I invite you to read this article , if you have not yet decided to visit it.

But today, on the birthday of Santa Marta, after 493 years of its foundation, we say that the most beautiful bay in America is and always will be Naturally beautiful , and we celebrate its anniversary by telling you these curious facts that maybe you did not know

Things that maybe you did not know on Santa Marta's birthday

  • Founded in the year of 1525 by Rodrigo De Bastidas , it is the oldest city of Colombia and  South America.
  • It is the only city in the world that has all the thermal floors and the only one in Colombia that holds the titles of Tourist, Cultural and Historical District.
  • The Cathedral is considered the mother of all the churches of Colombia and South America because it was the first one built in the continent.
  • Although it is not recognized as such, the city was Colombia's golden gate , since football, music, religion and education entered through it.
  • The Port of Santa Marta besides being the only natural port of Colombia ; This means that its depth was not made likein the other ports of the country, was the most important before the port of Cartagena existed, reason why it was the target of constant looting, robbery and destruction by pirates .
  • The Peak Colón, located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta , is the highest of all Colombia with a height of 5,775, a.s.l.
  • It houses and buildings of interest are heritage for its history: La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, the Casa de la Aduana and the Cathedral.
  • At the Morro , was located one of the first forts of the Caribbean Region in charge of defending the city against the attacks of pirates and other kingdoms. It was also the home of the last Viceroy who lived in the city.
  • In the Cathedral are the remains of the founder of the city and also a small urn with the entrails and heart of the Liberator.

More about Santa Marta

During your stay in the city you will not want to miss anything, thats why we leave all the guides so you have a complete experience and do not miss knowing, visit or teast the best of it: