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How to get to Mompox, the town stopped at the time you should know

How to get to Mompox, the town stopped at the time you should know

2018-08-09 13:02:48

"Mompox does not exist. Sometimes we dream about her, but does not exist", those were the words that Simón Bolívar said in Santa Marta , according to Gabriel García Márquez in his book "El General en la laberinto".

Mompox, located in the Department of Bolívar, is a wonderful town detained in time, described by its inhabitants as Tierra de Dios. And so much is its beauty and importance for the heritage that part of the Tourism Network of Heritage Villages of Colombia and part of UNESCO is a World Heritage Site.

It is a small town on the banks of the Magdalena River, with immense colonial mansions of colors, Caribbean sounds, cobblestone streets, traditions of charm, exquisite cuisine and sung stories, Mompox, is the town of magical realism.

To visit it is not only to travel in time , but to arrive at a place that seems to be outside the world, in a unique universe, is to arrive and fall in love with the tranquility that is breathed and the kindness of its people, going to Mompox is falling in love and not want to leave there.


How to get to Mompox?

If you want to know how to get to Mompox , the easiest way is to take a bus that leaves from the transport terminal of Barranquilla O Cartagena ; so the first step is to reach these cities, from the first city the bus costs 32,000 COP and lasts 7 hours of travel, while from Cartagena costs 45,000 COP and lasts 6 hours the route. To get to Mompox from Santa Marta we recommend you first arrive at the transport terminal of Barranquilla or Cartagena and from there if a direct bus to Mompox , the bus transportation from Santa Marta to Barranquilla costs $ 12,000 pesos.

If you go by private car, you can arrive crossing the Magdalena river by ferry, arriving at Yatí in Magangué, Bolívar. Each journey costs 25,000 COP the journey. You can do it from Monday to Saturday at 6:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.


What to do in Mompox?


1. Visit the churches Santa Bárbara, Inmaculada Concepción and San Francisco

These churches are architectural gems of the city. Its bright colors bear witness to the vivacity of its inhabitants and the elegance of Momposina. Not only do they fall in love with its colonial architecture that is maintained without a single scratch, but also by the stories and legends that revolve around its construction and edification.


2. Cemetery

Although it sounds strange and dark, visiting cemeteries is a tourist plan in the big cities of the world. They stand as another type of museum where it is valid to go and admire the art with which people have to decorate the resting place of their loved ones.

Particularly, in the Mompox cemetery , not only are these characteristics that make it worth visiting , but its small feline inhabitants who have made this their home.


3. The Mompox Albarrada

It is one of the most touristic and beautiful places in the town. It is located just opposite the western side of the Magdalena River and is one of the most important and beautiful sites of the town. Walking all its length is to let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place, admire the architecture of its old houses, portals and squares.


4. Tour the Pijiño Swamp

Another unmissable plan on your trip to Mompox is to take the rafting trip around the Magdalena river that will take you to the Ciénaga de Pijiño . In this journey that lasts approximately 4 hours and costs 30,000 COP you can see all kinds of birds, enjoy nature and admire the wildlife that grows on both sides of the most important river in Colombia .


5. Know the art of filigree

The filigree in Mompox is one of the most representative arts. It's a tradition that became famous when Gabo in ? Live to tell it? he wrote that his grandfather loved to be involved in the workshops admiring and learning this art, which consists of weaving fine threads of gold and silver; thinner than hair, and make beautiful pieces of art such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets.

Thanks to the remote location of the Caribbean Sea, Mompox stayed away from the attacks of pirates and so many of the aspects that cause charm in this town, including the filigree, are maintained.


6. Taste your gastronomy

I had already said that if you go to a place and do not eat the typical, then you did not travel. Well, this also clearly applies to Mompox and in your trip there, you can not stop trying the layer cheese, the local wine and the lemon candy . They are delicacies that you can not leave without tasting.


When to visit Mompox?

To visit Mompox is possible to do it in any season of the year, nevertheless, specific dates exist where the town is adorned to give rise to special events, which emphasize different attributes of the place.


International Jazz Festival

It takes place every October, dresses up to highlight with its sounds and tasty the best scenarios and landscapes of the town, an event that raises the magical realism of the town.



It is the central and main event for the momposinos and visitors who wait every year to live of the best holy weeks of the country. It is an event that has more than four centuries of tradition.


Low season

This time is ideal if you want to find an empty town where you can walk and feel the tranquility that is breathed in it. Also if you want to admire each of the corners and all the architecture of Mompox.

Quite simply, Mompox is a town in the Colombian Caribbean that yes or yes you have to know . Each corner of its square meters breathes pure magical realism, charm and secrets that must be discovered while remaining fixed in time.

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