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The most beautiful villages to fall in love with Santander

The most beautiful villages to fall in love with Santander

2019-11-06 16:31:17

Santander is one of the most beautiful departments that Colombia has . This destination has become one of the indispensable when it comes to knowing Colombia for the first time . Here you will find a bit of everything: landscapes, history, culture, gastronomy, sports, experiences and wonderful people who will always treat you in the best way.

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Santander is one of the 32 departments that make up the Republic of Colombia and is located northwest of the country. It is one of the departments with great historical wealth, because in this territory many indigenous tribes lived and as if that were not enough in times of the Spanish conquest, many colonies settled here, that is why some of the most beautiful villages in Colombia are in Santander . Keep reading and know them.

Top most beautiful villages in Santander


With its imposing colonial buildings of ocher color, cobbled and steep streets, this town that is part of the Network of Peoples Heritage of Colombia , seems to have been suspended at some point in history, because visiting Barcichara is not only knowing; perhaps, the most beautiful town in the country, but make a trip to the past. Its name means? Place for rest ?, and its atmosphere and tranquility will definitely make you feel in the ideal place to relax and enjoy.


Girón , or rather San Juan de Girón , is another of the Patrimony Towns of Colombia thanks to its beautiful colonial architecture, which remains almost intact like that of Barichara. The big difference is that here the predominant colors are white in the houses and coffee in the doors and windows. You will also find bridges of Alicante and imposing churches throughout the town, which is why it is one of the ideal destinations for religious tourism in Colombia . But that's not all, here you can enjoy a wide variety of activities to do such as extreme sports , ecotourism and much more.


Guane represents the Indigenous and Cultural Heritage of Santander . This is where the Guane culture started, one of the most extensive indigenous cultures that lived in the department of Santander . In this municipality there is a large museum of paleontology and archeology that shows all the findings that have been made in the area in relation to this indigenous culture. Walking its streets, squares and admiring its architecture is one of the great delights of this beautiful municipality of Colombia.

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San Gil

San Gil is synonymous with adventure and extreme sports in Colombia . The great natural wealth in which there are numerous rivers, waterfalls, mountains and caves make it very famous for the practice of various sports activities throughout the country. Here you will also find the famous Chicamocha Canyon and other amazing places that you will surely love. Touring its historic center is another of the things you can do here.

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The colonial architecture of Vélez is characterized by its bright colors, cobbled streets and large buildings. The tradition of this town, in addition to beautiful handicrafts made with beautiful colors and embroideries, highlights the Bocadillo de Guayaba , a delicious sweet that is made with the pulp of this fruit and is perfect to eat at any time and time of day. The Cave of the Indians , Historical Heritage, is an amazing place full of many history and billions of years that nature has been creating beautiful sculptures. Without a doubt you cannot miss this place on your trip to Vélez in Santander.

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Colombia is a very rich country with many amazing destinations to discover, visit and tour. Discover them all by entering here.