Gastronomic Activities


Tour Bazurto Market (Cartagena)

Get to know the Bazurto market and learn a little about the indigenous culture of Cartagena.

2 hours.

From: $ 90,000 cop  


Artisanal Fishing Tour with Natives (Cartagena)

Embark on this adventure in La Boquilla, learn artisan fishing techniques, catch a fish, prepare a typical lunch with the natives and live a great day with this fishing tour.

6 hours.

From: $ 190,000 cop  


Street food tour in Cartagena (Cartagena)

With this gastronomic tour you can taste the most traditional flavors of the heroic city.

2 hours.

From: $ 61,250 cop  


Cooking Class + Bazurto Market (Cartagena)

Learn from the cuisine of our Colombian Caribbean and enjoy our cuisine rich in colors and flavors in a single dish prepared by you.

5 hours.

From: $ 164,000 cop