Calendar 2020: Destinations to visit in Colombia according to the season.
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Calendar 2020: Destinations to visit in Colombia according to the season

Mar, 5 diciembre 2023
Calendar 2020: Destinations to visit in Colombia according to the season

If you are wondering what is the best season to travel to Colombia , then we bring you a travel calendar for Colombia for the year 2020 so you can take advantage and enjoy yourself more with the beautiful landscapes and natural shows that occur in Colombia in different seasons of the year With this 2020 calendar you will have all your trips planned and organized for the whole year.

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Climate in Colombia

If you come to Colombia for the first time , you should keep in mind that there are no seasons in the country because it is on the Ecuadorian line, instead it is a dry season, that is to say without rain, and a season of rains. In general, the rainy season throughout the country runs from March to April and then another from September to November, although there are slight variations depending on the region of Colombia in which you are.

In the absence of climatic seasons as in other countries of the world, Colombia is characterized by a constant climate throughout the year throughout its territory. This makes any month or time of the year ideal for traveling to Colombia , however, there are some natural shows that only occur a few months in the year, or it is better to avoid some months to better enjoy the different destinations in Colombia.

2020 calendar to travel through Colombia

Best time to travel to the Caribbean

2020 calendar

The Caribbean coast of Colombia can be enjoyed at any time of the year, the beautiful beaches you will find here are always shining and with their blue and green colors that glow 365 days a year. So there is no restriction for you to come to know and admire the imposing walls of Cartagena de Indias or the beautiful streets of Santa Marta , but if you want to know some of the most incredible destinations in this part of Colombia as the Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas in La Guajira , or the Lost City in Magdalena , it is best to avoid the months of April, September and October as you will find many rains that can hinder your adventure. In addition, the spectacular Tayrona Park for the 2020 calendar has three closures scheduled for the months of February, June and November.

Best time to travel to the Pacific

2020 calendar

The Pacific like the Caribbean is best enjoyed without rain, this is in the months of December to February and May to the beginning of September, but if you want to enjoy a true spectacle of nature, you must come to the Pacific between the months of July and November when the yubartas whales make their arrival to these coasts looking for warm waters, so during these months the departments of Choco , Cauca and Valle del Cauca become the hosts and the ideal place for whale watching in the Pacific .

Best time to travel to the Amazon

2020 calendar

To travel to this amazing region in Colombia , the 2020 travel calendar recommends visiting the Amazon during the dry season that goes from the months of November to June, in this way you can fully explore and enjoy nature and all the ecotourism activities that you can do in this piece of lung of the world that is in our country. But now, if what you want is to know Caño Crsistales : the most beautiful five-color river in the world, you must do it forcefully between the months of June and November, sometimes the first days of December because during the first six months of the year the Plants that give this aspect to the river are in the reproductive phase.

Best time to travel to the Andes

2020 calendar

But if you travel through Colombia , you want to know the fantastic cities of central Colombia ; Bogotá , Medellín and the entire Coffee Axis among others, the best months to do so are from November to February, the season in which Colombia is the region with the most pleasant temperatures . For example, Bogotá , which is known for being the capital of Colombia and leading a busy and chaotic life, during mid-December until the first half of January remains virtually empty, so it becomes the ideal time to travel its streets and discover the jewels and treasures that are hidden in the city.

To complement your 2020 calendar to travel through Colombia , these four cities were the most popular destinations to travel through South America during 2019 according to the TripAdvisor travel portal. In the Baquianos Blog you will find more destinations, events and news about Colombia.

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