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  • Discover how to get to Pitalito in Huila and everything you can do
Discover how to get to Pitalito in Huila and everything you can do

Discover how to get to Pitalito in Huila and everything you can do

2019-08-30 21:41:38

Pitalito is the second largest city in the department of Huila , followed by Neiva and one of the most fascinating places for sightseeing in this department. He is well known for being in the entire Colombian massif, which means fertile lands and beautiful green landscapes full of life.

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Indeed, Pitalito is a municipality of great production of coffee of very good quality, so it has won the? Gold Cup? several years and for many it is the new coffee axis of Colombia. In this municipality you have many activities to do, in addition to being the gateway to visit the fantastic Archaeological Park of San Agustín , a visit that is inevitable in Huila . Here we tell you how to get to Pitalito and what to do on your visit to this beautiful city.

How to get to Pitalito?

To get to Pitalito you must go to the Neiva Transport Terminal and take a bus to the municipality. This journey goes from 30,000 COP and takes approximately three and a half hours.

If you are in Bogotá and want to get directly to Pitalito , you can take a bus from the Salitre Terminal. This takes between nine and a half hours and ten hours, and the ticket goes from 66,000 COP. Buses to Pitalito also leave from Medellín , Cali and Popayán . It is only a matter of consulting the schedules and prices in the different companies that provide the service.

What to do in Pitalito?

In Pitalito you have a whole range of possibilities and activities to do. One of the most exciting activities is to visit and observe the engravings and cave paintings that are very close to the Arserma , Guamal , Charguayaco and Guacacallo paths , where there is also a beautiful lagoon.

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Pitalito is full of beautiful natural sites and incredible landscapes, so this is the main activity to do . Among the best places to discover are the Launa de Guaytipán, the Yuma River , the Mareng Estate or, where there is a beautiful water mirror where the red duck lives, the S Alto de los Bordones , the thermal springs of Matanza , the Parque de Orchids , and all its beautiful architecture.

And if you want to know other impressive places, from Pitalito you can reach the beautiful Cueva de los Guacharos Natural Park and San Agustín Park.

Other places to visit in Huila are Garzón and Paicol , among other beautiful villages . Here you will find more travel guides for sightseeing in Colombia.