How to get to Jericho and what to do during your visit to this beautiful town
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How to get to Jerico and what to do during your visit to this beautiful town

Miér, 24 julio 2019
How to get to Jerico and what to do during your visit to this beautiful town

If you are traveling through Antioquia , Jericó cannot be left out of your list of places to visit in Antioquia , as this colorful municipality, in addition to being a World Heritage Village of Colombia , is the manufacturing place of the famous carriel that distinguishes  Antioquia. It was also the birthplace of the Holy Mother Laura Montoya, in case you are interested in religious tourism in Colombia (Antioquia in general is an excellent destination for this type of tourism).

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To tell you a little more, Jericho has many hidden treasures for which you will not have enough time to discover them;  so if you don't know how to get to Jericho and everything you have to do in this beautiful town,  we have a complete guide on Jericho here.


How to get to Jericho?

Jericó is located in the department of Antioquia , about an hour and a half away from Medellín , the capital of the department, so to get to Jericó , the first thing you have to do in Medellín , is to go to the city's transport terminal and take a direct bus to Jericho , which has an approximate value of 25,000 COP.


What to do in Jericho?

Multiple activities for all tastes is all there is to do in Jericho . Starting you can walk its streets and admire its beautiful architecture characteristic of the Antioquia colonization, with its colorful wooden balconies and decorated with flowers and plants. Then you can go to the Cathedral of Jericho , an imposing structure of a very particular style and that rises imposing of everyone to admire it. Similarly, throughout the town you have other churches just as beautiful to visit as the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Church of San Fracisco 'La Pollita'.

As for museums in Jericho , you will find the Museum of Religious Art that is located under the cathedral and keeps important ancient pieces brought from Spain and which were witness  the colonial period.. Also, there is the house where the Holy Mother Laura Montoya was born , and very close there is the Museum of Anthropology and Arts 'Maja', where you find archaeological elements and objects typical of the region and that are closely related to the history of Jericho . And if you want to know more about the history of the municipality we recommend you visit the Jericho Historic Center , where you will learn a lot from it.

Jericó is very famous for the carriel, which is done in this municipality, so one of the must-see places in Jericho is the Guarnielería where you can observe the process of making this typical accessory of the Paisa culture. Then, head to the Los Balsos Botanical Garden , and follow your path to El Morro , a mountain where the statue of Christ is located, which closely resembles the corcovado because of its position and the impressive view you can get here of the village. It is in this same place where the Kite Festival is held each  August, so if you go during these dates take advantage and go fly your kite.


Recommendations to visit Jericho

If you are going to visit Jericho , try to wear sunscreen because although the weather is mild, the sun hits , also try to wear comfortable shoes to be able to walk for a long time, because you will want to travel all its streets and alleys .

You can't miss eating their famous and typical desserts and drinking a delicious cup of coffee in the main square of the village.


Other destinations near Medellín

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