How to get to the Hot Springs of Cordoba in Ciénaga, destination to relax.
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How to get to the Hot Springs of Córdoba in Ciénaga, destination to relax

Mar, 20 agosto 2019
How to get to the Hot Springs of Córdoba in Ciénaga, destination to relax

In the municipality of Ciénaga , Magdalena ; One of the most beautiful Heritage Villages in Colombia , there are the Hot Springs of Córdoba , a beautiful natural wonder of waters that emanate directly from the earth and have healing properties. It should be noted, that the Córdoba Hot Springs are the only ones in the Caribbean Region.

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Visiting the Hot Springs of Córdoba can be a very rewarding and relaxing experience, as well as the healing and relaxing properties it has; Thanks to the minerals that are present in the earth, and to the temperatures of the waters that oscillate between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius, in this place you can enjoy an abundant nature that brings with it a beautiful sensation of rest and relaxation.

So if you want to know more about this recommended destination , read on and find out how to get to the Córdoba Hot Springs and all the recommendations you should keep in mind.

How to get to the hot springs of Córdoba?

To get to the Hot Springs of Córdoba is very simple. If you are in Santa Marta , just go to the city's Transportation Terminal and take a direct bus to Ciénaga , and once there tell the driver to drop you at the entrance of the volcano.

When you get off, you only have to walk about 20 minutes until you reach the Ciénaga hot springs along the path indicated there. The ticket to Ciénaga costs 3,500 COP and takes around 30 minutes.

On the other hand if you are in Barranquilla , you have to take a bus that goes to Santa Marta and when you go through Ciénaga , you get off anywhere in the municipality, or you tell the driver to leave you in Ciénaga . Then you take a rickshaw, motorcycle taxi or taxi; whatever you prefer, and you just have to tell the driver to take you to the Hot Springs of Córdoba , or to the Ciénaga Hot Springs , or to the Volcano (in case they don't understand you at the beginning).

What else do I need to know to go to the Hot Springs of Córdoba?

To visit the Hot Springs of Córdoba you only need to take into account a few indications. First you have to know that the entrance to the hot springs, costs 15,000 COP, and that since it is high temperature waters, the maximum recommended that you can stay inside them so that it does not cause damage to the skin is 20 minutes.

Right there, and if you want a complete experience, you can enjoy lodotherapy, hydrotherapy and relaxing massages.

Now, remember to bring a towel, a bathing suit, a hat or a cap, a plastic bag for you to take wet clothes, a camera with enough load and the best disposition for you to enjoy this relaxing experience in Ciénaga.

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