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How to get to Tierrabomba in Cartagena. Everything you need to know to enjoy this paradise

How to get to Tierrabomba in Cartagena. Everything you need to know to enjoy this paradise

2019-01-28 15:22:15

Tierrabomba is a small island located on the entire front of the city of Cartagena , by far it is a paradise of white sand and deep blue and crystal clear waters. It is not wrong or exaggerated to say that the island of Tierrabomba is a paradise that is within reach; much more than reaching Barú , because it is closer and it is very easy to reach.

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What makes Tierrabomba so special is, first of all that it is ease to arrive, and on the other, that it is a place that is not so known and therefore is not full of tourists, much less street vendors, so yes , it can be said that it is paradise near Cartagena or the closest thing to paradise. Stay and we tell you how to get to Tierrabomba and all you have to know to enjoy this little island.


How to get to Tierrabomba?


To get to Tierrabomba in Cartagena you only have one option, however, this one alternative is very simple and economical (unlike other destinations near Cartagena). Then, to get to Tierrabomba , you just have to go to the dock that is next to Bocagrande hospital in the sector of Castillogrande.

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Then there, take one of the boats that offer transportation to Tierrabomba that costs between 20,000 COP and 25,000 COP depending on the number of people going on the boat. You also have the option of taking an all-inclusive plan with transportation, lunch and tent for prices between 60,000 COP and 85,000 COP. It's all up to you to buy the package and your negotiating skills. Sometimes these tours include a boat ride around Tierrabomba.


What to do in Tierrabomba?


Tierrabomba is perfect for rest, relaxation and connection with nature, but if you want to combine this with another activity , you must know that in Tierrabomba you can practice different water sports such as paddle, board or jetsky.

Cartagena is a charming city full of walls, bastions, castles and a lot of history, and Tierrabomba is not the exception; Here you can take a tour with some of the locals and head to Bocachica , which is a sector on the other side of the island and visit the Battery of San Rafael that is in the highest part of Cerro del Horno, where you will also have an unbeatable view of the island and the Bay of Cartagena. There is also the Fort of San Fernando, which entrance is free and consists of two bastions and something more than 30 vaults that you will be able to visit all. It is a magnificent experience.

And right next to Fort San Fernando , there is the mangrove quay, where you will be able to take a boat and venture to know this magical place and appreciate all the fauna and flora of the region.


Data of interest


The most advisable thing is to arrive at the pier early to go to Tierrabomba and make the most of the day, especially since the return is usually at 3:30 pm, as the tide rises and the trip becomes quite difficult.

If you decide not to take any package, you can get lunche per person between 25,000 COP and 30,000 COP, and if you do not want to return and decide to stay, you should know that you can find accommodations near the beach, and at a good price.

Apart from everything you have to do in Cartagena , you have to get to Mompox , one of the beautiful Heritage Villages of Colombia , and if you want to know other paradisiac destinations, you have Isla Múcura and Tintipán Island , Tayrona Park , Minca , Taganga , Palomino , Cabo de La Vela and Punta Gallinas . You can also enter the blog and know everything we have for you.