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Learn how to get to Bahia Solano in Chocó and what to do

Learn how to get to Bahia Solano in Chocó and what to do

2019-10-11 23:51:54

Bahía Solano is a very special destination in Chocó , and throughout Colombia. It is a perfect place for nature lovers and due to its characteristics an ideal place to do ecotourism in Colombia . Bahía Solano is located in the department of Chocó in the Colombian Pacific and is a jewel of our country.

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Bahía Solano is not only a beach, it is nature in all its full essence. You have abundant jungle, the warm waters of the Pacific, an incredible fauna and flora and the best landscapes of the Colombian Pacific. Keep reading and find out how to get to Bahía Solano and what to do.

How to get to Bahía Solano?

The topo and geographical features of the place make it only possible to reach Solano Bay by plane or sea . For the first option, you must take a plane or charter flights to the José Celestino Mutis Regional Airport in Bahía Solano. Flights depart to Bahía Solano every day from Bogotá , Cali , Medellín or Quibdo .

On the other hand, if what you want is a more adventurous and economical option , you can choose to take a boat or speedboat to Bahía Solano from the port of Buenaventura , in the Cauca Valley . You should keep in mind that the minimum boat trip time is 8 hours depending on the type of boat you take and the sea waves. The most you can last on your trip by sea to Bahía Solano is 24 hours.

Prices for a speedboat trip from Buenaventura to Bahía Solano is 200,000 COP and 150,000 COP by boat.

From Nuquí , you can also take a boat to Bahía Solano that costs 70,000 COP per trip per person, however you are only leaving twice a week depending on the season, so first you must make sure more about these schedules that are usually Mondays and you come in the morning.

What to do in Bahía Solano?

Bahía Solano is the city with the largest Pacific coast, and also the one with the largest offer of ecological tourism in the region and perhaps the country. Here you have many activities to do besides enjoying its beautiful and unique beaches such as El Almejal ; which is one of the most tourist because its sand is particularly very dark. On the other hand, Playa Blanca also stands out, as it is the only one of white sand in the entire Colombian Pacific.

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Another of the most beautiful places to see in Bahía Solano is the El Tigre Waterfall , which is a freshwater fall that rises at the top of the Pacific jungle and reaches the sea directly. It is possible to hike along a path to climb along it and discover beautiful water lagoons that form in its path.

From Bahía Solano you can also choose to take a tour to the Ensenada de Utría National Natural Park , which is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, since there you can find a lot of ecosystems and an impressive fauna.

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Now, among the best and most spectacular you can do in Bahía Solano is the sighting of both birds , whales and turtles . This place also offers an ideal setting for the practice of sport fishing in Colombia.

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