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  • This is the Petronio Álvarez Music Festival held in Cali
This is the Petronio Álvarez Music Festival held in Cali

This is the Petronio Álvarez Music Festival held in Cali

2019-07-31 10:12:09

The Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival is a great Afro-Colombian celebration that seeks to rescue, commemorate and honor all the Afro heritage and tradition in Colombia . It is the most important Afro culture festival in Latin America and one of the most important cultural fairs and festivals in Colombia . This year it reaches its 23rd version and will be held from August 14 to 19 in the? Petronio Citadel ? name taken by those days the Alberto Galindo Sports Unit of the city of Cali .

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The Petronio Álvarez Festival is a good option for you to learn more about the Afro culture of the Colombian Pacific and, above all, enjoy and get all the flavor they carry in their blood. If you are looking for where to travel in August , Petronio is the best alternative. Now we tell you what things you will find in the Petronio Álvarez Citadel if it is the first time you go.

Activities at the Petronio Álvarez Music Festival

Traditional music

It is one of the main and most popular events that take place in the six days of Petronio Álvarez . There are four modalities that are judged in this event, and they will be responsible for putting you to dance and enjoy these rhythms that are so characteristic of Afro culture. The four modalities are: Cauca violin set, chirimía set, marimba set and traditional songs, and free group

Typical Gastronomy

Another of the inevitable during the Petronio Álvarez is the gastronomic festival in which you can delight your mouth with the typical food of the Afro-Pacific culture . Prepare yourself so that your mouth explodes in taste when trying some of these delicacies. Nor can you stop trying some of the native drinks that you are going to find, and that are made mainly based on Viche, an artisanal alcoholic beverage that is extracted from sugar cane, has among other things aphrodisiac properties.


During the Petronio Álvarez another central event is the catwalk where all the attendees can admire and learn more about the typical costumes of the Afro culture and also about the braids and hairstyles that have different meanings depending on the type of hairstyle they do.


Of course, you will also find stands full of handicrafts and all kinds of handwork made by themselves with materials based on coconut fiber and banana celtic straw mainly. Do not overlook these samples and take the opportunity to bring a nice souvenir souvenir and of course to learn more about the Afro culture .

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These are just some of all the activities and events that you will find at the Petronio Álvarez Festival in the city of Cali, because during these three days many more things are done, such as conversations and exchanges of ancestral knowledge, so our advice is May you live so intensely and all you can this wonderful festival.

Among other things, in the Colombian Pacific or you have wonderful destinations to visit such as Isla Gorgona , Buga ; one of the Peoples Heritage of Colombia , Popayán ; one of the oldest cities in Colombia and Isla Malpelo , among others. Entering the Baquianos blog , you will find many more destinations and guides to travel through Colombia.