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Ecotourism in Colombia. Best places to experience it

Ecotourism in Colombia. Best places to experience it

2018-11-28 19:24:53

Ecotourism in Colombia is an activity that can be done without limits because ourcountry's geographic location on the planet has given it the privilege of being one of the most biodiverse countries in fauna and flora of the world. But not only that, it has a large number of protected areas known as Parque Nacional Naturales in all environments, such as, for example, the  beach and mountains .

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This ecological and natural characteristics of our country is what brings thousands of tourists each year who come and visit it to get away from the noise and stress of their cities of origin. Ecotourism in Colombia is an experience that allows you to get in touch with nature at the same time in which you can observe great natural wonders. In that sense we tell you which are the best places to do ecotourism in Colombia.


Ecotourism in Colombia




We start here, in the ecological capital of Colombia in the north of the country, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , hides Minca , a town where nature is the queen and its surrounded by great attractions such as waterfalls, rivers, viewpoints, places to make bird watching and ultimately a great atmosphere of calm and relaxation.



The Amazon is located on the opposite pole of the country, but it is also another excellent option for ecotourism in Colombia . There are a number of options that offer guided tours through the jungle where you can meet all the fauna and flora that hides this magnificent place.

Utría Natural National Park


Watching the whales that reach the Pacific is one of the best shows that can be observed. The Utría Natural National Park , located on the coast of Chocó, is an ideal place; In addition, you can watch a large number of migratory birds. Here you can also do snorkeling, ecological walks, diving and of course, rest and enjoy nature.

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona Park

Continuing with the national parks, the Tayrona , is one of the most spectacular and a perfect place to do ecotourism in Colombia . The Tayrona Park has some of the most beautiful beaches of Santa Marta and Colombia, the only nudist beach in Colombia and also Pueblito, one of the indigenous settlements dating from the time of the Tayrona civilization.

Alta Guajira


La Guajira is one of those places that you can not miss , this piece of land, has many places to visit like the Cabo de la Vela , Punta Gallinas , the Macuira National Natural Park , or the Flamingos Sanctuary. The best of all, the contrast of the desert with the sea on  the background. If you want to do ecotourism in Colombia , this is one of the destinations that should not be left out, for nothing in the world.

Natural National Park Cueva de los Guácharos

Cave of the Guacharos

This park was the first area of Colombia declared a National Park and is part of the Andean Belt Biosphere Reserve , declared so by UNESCO a few years later. This park takes its name from the guácharos, birds that inhabit caves in the day and go out at night to look for food, oriented by a similar system to that of bats. Beyond that, your landscapes will leave you breathless.

Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales

Only in our country is it possible to visit the most beautiful river of five colors in the world. Caño Cristales ; Located in the Sierra de la Macarena in the department of Meta it is indeed an excellent place to do ecotourism in Colombia . The river is one of the factors of the peace agreement of the Government of Colombia with the FARC. Is not just to visit the river but having the complete experience of walking and the beauties that is hidden in this part of the country.

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