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How to get to Macuira Natural National Park

How to get to Macuira Natural National Park

2019-09-18 23:36:09

La Guajira has amazing landscapes and an impressive cultural and natural wealth. The Macuira Natural Park is one of these magical places of La Guajira . It has a little more than 25 thousand hectares where there are many natural attractions, some of which are a rarity, such as the Fog Forest, which due to its characteristics would be impossible to occur in conditions as extreme as those of La Guajira , because it is always over 2700 meters above sea level, and here it is only 500 meters in front of the sea. A whole show.

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Here is a guide so you do not miss this beautiful nature reserve if you are touring La Guajira.

How to get to Macuira National Park?

To get to the Macuira National Natural Park you must be in Riohacha , where you will take a car to the municipality of Uribia , which will cost you around 15,000 COP. Once you get here you must do two things. A stock of food and water supplies, because you will not find many places to buy food later on the road.

And two, you will have to find and hire a tour to the Macuira Natural Park with one of the jeeps that you will find here, since it is essential that you go with a local guide who knows the area, the communities and both the indigenous language and Spanish.

From here a trip begins to Bahía Portete that lasts 4 hours, and from there to the Nazareth district that lasts from seven to 8 hours. The entrance to the Macuira Natural Park is totally free, you just have to register at the entrance and arrive with your guide to take you through the different points.

What to do in the Macuira Natural Park?

In Macuira Park the main thing to do is enjoy and connect with nature; admire the beautiful yellow and green landscapes of the desert and the forest; and above all, discover one of the most fascinating corners of Colombia.

Within the Macuira , you will also be able to observe the cultural heritage , knowing the cemeteries and ranches Wayuu, bird watching and hiking.

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In this last activity you have several circuits that will take you to know unique spaces of the park such as the Mirador de Mekijano , which offers a complete panorama of the park. El Choro de Ipakiwou , where you will arrive with a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert; Médano-Alewouru and Batea de Kajashiwou are other places you will find in the Macuira Natural Park.

Although there is no lodging service in the Park, the indigenous families living in the Nazareth area offer hammock service in the rancherías that are in the park.

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