The best hostels in Santa Marta to stay
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The best hostels to stay in Santa Marta

The best hostels to stay in Santa Marta

Mar, 20 agosto 2019
The best hostels  to stay in Santa Marta

Where to stay is a crucial and important part of any trip, because it is not only about choosing a place to stay during our stay somewhere, but of choosing the one that best comforts and services offer based on what we seek or can afford. There are many Hostels in Santa Marta  of all types, so we know that it is not an easy decision.

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So to help you in your search for hostels in Santa Marta to stay below we present a selection of the best and most wanted hostels so that you only have to decide which one you will stay in.


These are the best hostels in Santa Marta


The Dreamer Hostel


This hostel is not located precisely near the center , but in the immediate vicinity of the Buenavista Shopping Center and Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino , however it makes it a very good option to stay in Santa Marta , due to its comfortable and beautiful facilities, and the kindness of its people. The hostel has a large pool in the middle of the patio surrounded by trees, which makes you feel elsewhere; bar, restaurant, games room and different activities organized every night so that all guests can integrate and get to know each other, so this is one of the most booked hostels in Santa Marta.

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Cacao Hostel


Cacao Hostel is another of the best hostels in Santa Marta , in addition to one of  the most beautiful . Travelers highlight the friendliness of the employees, who are always willing to help you with whatever you need and provide you with information, as well as the comfort and cleanliness of all areas of the hostel. It also has a pool to dive when the heat strikes, hammocks to rest and play area to hang out, also if you are traveling alone , this is an excellent place to make new friends.

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La Guaca Hostel


If you want to know what an old colonial house in the city looks like, then La Guaca Hostel is the place to stay in Santa Marta , and not only for that, but for the comfort of its facilities and the attention of all the staff. It has a jacuzzi-pool for you to relax after a long day visiting the beautiful places of the city. This hostel offers backpackers prices so it is not only one of the best but also one of the cheapest hostels in Santa Marta.

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Masaya Hostel


Masaya is one of the most popular hostels in Santa Marta and also one of the most beautiful. It is located in the historic center of the city and is housed in a beautiful three-story colonial building, with a beautiful pool in the middle of the hostel, a large terrace where another small pool is located, there is a kitchen, bathrooms, bar, dancing or cooking classes organized every night and a magnificent view of the Cathedral of Santa Marta , the oldest church in South America.


Jackie's Hostel


Jackie's Hostel is small but tremendously cozy, and the hostel staff will make you feel totally welcome, as well as its facilities are very colorful and welcoming, representing the spirit and personality of the wardrobes. This is another of the best hostels in Santa Marta in the Historic Center , just around the famous Parque de los Novios , epicenter of the best Caribbean nights in the city, it is also close to where you can take various bus routes to get around the city .


Republica Hostel


This hostel is located in a historic colonial building, known as Casa de los Alzamora , just in front of Simón Bolívar Park . It offers a unique, minimalist, modern and totally cozy style, as the members of its staff. In the middle there is a large pool for hot evenings, and every day they organize different activities for guests. Republica Hostal also takes this recognition as one of the most beautiful hostels in Santa Marta . No doubt your experience here will be unforgettable.

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