What is the tour of chocolate and coffee in Minca
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What is the tour of chocolate and coffee in Minca

Miér, 22 marzo 2023
What is the tour of chocolate and coffee in Minca

Minca is a beautiful town, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , which is also known as the ecological capital of Colombia , and which stands out; as the previous adjective may indicate, because of its lush nature, and because of the feeling of freedom that exists when being in the middle of the mountains.

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In Minca , life goes slowly, as if time did not exist allowing a true connection with nature, through the singing of birds, the running of the river that hits against the stones heard in the background and the sight of large trees that gives the feeling of being alone in the forest. Minca is the perfect place for those who want to make ecological plans.

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One of the perfect activities to do in Minca is the chocolate and coffee tour ; a different way to get to know the town and get to know one of the qualities for which this small town is also famous in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada : coffee and chocolate.

What is the chocolate and coffee tour in Minca and why do it?

The tour of chocolate and coffee in Minca consists of a tour to Minca , which will take you to the best spots in the town, through an ecological walk or trekking . Depending on the tour you choose or the company with which you purchased the tour, there may be small variations, but generally the tour includes the Cascadas de Marinca or Pozo Azul , where you can take a refreshing swim, visit the coffee farm where you will learn about the process of cultivation and production of coffee, as well as a coffee tasting (there are several coffee farms in Minca , but the ideal is to visit Finca La Victoria , since it is the oldest and the only coffee factory), visit an indigenous dwelling, a construction of bamboo and a chocolate factory, where you will also know the whole process and you will have the possibility of making a chocolate made one hundred percent of cocoa.

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Throughout the tour you will have the opportunity to observe the abundant fauna and flora of Minca , as well as the incredible landscapes and views of the city.

Where to take the chocolate and coffee tour in Minca?

You can buy the chocolate and coffee tour to Minca at any tourist agency in the city, since most of them offer it, but if you are in Minca , you can also buy it here and talking about prices, getting it in Minca might be much cheaper than in Santa Marta.

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