The most beautiful historical centers of Colombia. Unforgettable trips
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The most beautiful Historic Centers of Colombia. Unforgettable trips

The most beautiful Historic Centers of Colombia. Unforgettable trips

Vie, 15 febrero 2019
The most beautiful Historic Centers of Colombia. Unforgettable trips

One of the most beautiful parts of traveling and visiting new places is knowing the places with most history of the city, the places where the course of history has changed or a city has been born, the historical centers where time has been stopped and kept so that the past is not forgotten.

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In Colombia, as in many parts of the world, historical centers are monuments to history, art, architecture, and society and are established as the heritage of a country and even as the heritage of humanity .

If you want to know which are the most beautiful historical centers of Colombia , we invite you to make the trip with us and discover these beautiful places.


These are the most beautiful historic centers in Colombia


The Walled City of Cartagena

If one thinks of the most beautiful historical centers of Colombia , surely the first one that comes to mind is the Historic Center of the city of Cartagena . A beautiful and imposing walled city, which in fact have been named World Heritage by Unesco. Its buildings, streets and environment full of magic and charm will take you directly to other periods of history.


The Candelaria in Bogotá

La Candelaria is named as one of the ten best conserved historic centers in Latin America . The Historic Center of Bogotá is characterized because it still preserves the small town from which the city was founded: El Chorro de Quevedo . In addition, its narrow and steep streets, its mansions with colonial roofs and eaves were home to the Creole and Spanish aristocracy.

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Historic Center of Popayán

The Historical Center of Popayán is simply beautiful; imposing buildings with exquisite colonial architecture dressed entirely in white have made it stand out throughout the country as one of the most beautiful historical centers of Colombia . Walking through its cobblestone streets next to large white buildings is a wonderful experience.


Historic Center of Santa Marta

It may not be as big as the previous historic centers , but having some of the oldest buildings in Colombia and South America gives it the honor of being on this list. On one hand, there is the Cathedral of Santa Marta which is the oldest church in South America and where the heart of Simón Bolívar is buried, and on the other, there is the old Casa de la Aduana which is the oldest building of Colombia, today is home to the Gold Museum. In addition to that, the bars , restaurants and nightclubs in the Historic Center of Santa Marta creates a unique atmosphere that you can not find anywhere else in the country.

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Historical Center of Mompox

Mompox , located in the department of Bolívar is one of the Heritage Towns of Colombia , and its reasons are obvious, it is a town that has stopped in time and in which seems that not one day had passed ever since. Their mansions, churches and squares are preserved in almost perfect state that impresses. Walking through its streets and ending the day contemplating a beautiful sunset on the waters of the Magdalena River is an experience you will not forget. Mompox and its Historical Center is one of the must-see places in Colombia that you have to visit. 

If you want to discover more of this beautiful country, we invite you not to get any of our Colombian travel guides entering here .


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