How to get to Maicao in La Guajira and what to do in the Colombia Showcase
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How to get to Maicao in La Guajira and what to do in the Colombian showcase

Vie, 26 julio 2019
How to get to Maicao in La Guajira and what to do in the Colombian showcase

Maicao is a municipality located in the Department of La Guajira , on the north coast of Colombia . Over all it far seems to be an interesting destination to visit, but the truth is that Maicao has several aspects that make it an attractive destination.

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One of these aspects has to do with its multiculturalism that has made Maicao an important center of cultural integration among Wayuu, Zenú, Arabs, Venezuelans and Colombians. With this one, you can imagine the rich and interesting mixture that must exist in gastronomy, dance, customs, language and costumes; which also transports you and makes you feel in another place.

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If you are thinking of visiting La Guajira , you should consider including this destination in your list of places to visit in La Guajira . Do it, and we here tell you how to get to Maicao and everything there is to do.

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How to get to Maicao?


Arriving in Maicao , it's very easy. For example, you can take a direct bus to Maicao from Santa Marta for a price between 27,000 COP and 35,000 COP, or take a direct bus to Riohacha from Santa Marta for 24,000 COP and then take another bus or bus to Maicao for 10,000 COP or 12,000 COP.

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On the other hand, if you are in Barranquilla you can get to Maicao by bus and the ticket can cost between 40,000 COP and 50,000 COP, or 60,000 COP if you take a bus to Maicao from Cartagena .

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For those who come from another city, the easiest option is to take a direct flight to Riohacha and from there take the bus to Maicao .

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What to do in Maicao?


The most interesting and exciting thing to do in Maicao is to be able to witness all that fusion that has created multiculturalism in this region of the country. Maicao is known as the Commercial showcase of Colombia because it was declared as  Free Port land thanks to its strategic position becoming a bridge between Venezuela and Colombia , which makes it a place to buy very cheap products that may not be found in another part of Colombia, so this is another thing you can do in Maicao.

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You have to visit the Cathedral of San José ; meeting place of the catholic parishioners of Maicao , in the night lights of different colors illuminate it. The Plaza Simón Bolívar , located in the center of the municipality and which has a monument of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

The Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Jattab , located in the center of Maicao , is one of the main attractions of the municipality, due to the characteristic greatness with which it was built, it is part of the three largest and most important mosques in Latin America . Among the natural attractions that you can visit in Maicao are the Majayura Lagoon and the Salt Mine .

You can start your journey through La Guajira visiting Palomino , then spending a night in Riohacha and then leave for Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas . Before or after going to La Guajira you can visit Cartegena and then continue to Santa Marta , where you have the best beaches in the Colombian Caribbean, Tayrona Park , Lost City and much more.



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