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  • The nine best and unforgettable experiences in Colombia that you must live
The nine best and unforgettable experiences in Colombia that you must live

The nine best and unforgettable experiences in Colombia that you must live

2019-10-01 00:31:01

Colombia is a unique country in the world. It has so many attractions that it is impossible to list them all. But in addition to that, the geographical location in which it is located makes it a privileged country in terms of biodiversity, which translates into beautiful landscapes. It is also a multicultural country, which becomes hundreds of fairs and festivals, traditions, typical dishes and in general, experiences in Colombia that you can not stop living.

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If you are visiting Colombia for the first time , with more reason you should continue reading this article and take note of all the things you can not miss in the land of wisdom so that your trip is the best of all you can do in your whole life .

Top experiences in Colombia

Fall in love with his story

Colombia has a fascinating history that has been embodied in the neighborhoods or historic centers of each municipality in Colombia , so touring, exploring and living them is an excellent way to know and assemble the history of a country that is scattered throughout the country.

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Meet an animal you've never seen before

See a pink dolphin in the Colombian Amazon , or the Dotted Lizard in the Cauca Valley , or better the Johngarthia malpilensis; A beautiful crab that seems to be taken from Pokemón, on Malpelo Island , or one of the hundreds of endemic bird species in the country, is another of the best experiences in Colombia that you should not stop living.

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Venture into the sea

Colombia is the only country bathed by two oceans and a sea. In so much wealth it is impossible not to live something really amazing, and that is precisely what happens in the Pacific where you can do whale watching , swim with sharks in Malpelo Island or dive and discover an incredible marine life through diving in the sea Caribbean, where the third largest coral reef in the world and one of the Biosphere Reserves in Colombia for the humanity of Unesco.

Visit a National Natural Park

In your experiences in Colombia you can not miss any of the beautiful natural national parks that are found throughout the entire territory. The spectacular Tayrona Park in Magdalena , the incredible Cave of the Guacharos in Huila , or the amazing Caño Cristales in the Meta .

The best trekking in South America

Also in the Magdalena , in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , you can not go deep into a dense and beautiful jungle to discover an ancient Lost City older than Machu Pichu, and classified as the best trekking in South America.

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It reaches the north end of Colombia

Continue your adventure to Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas in the magical Guajira and stop right at the point where the country ends and the immense Caribbean Sea begins, where the colors of the desert and the sea create a contrast that your eyes will love forever.

Have a party

Another of the experiences in Colombia that you must live, is to celebrate until the body endures in one of the incredible fairs and parties that are held in the country throughout the year. Many of them are Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

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Delight in its amazing cuisine

And as part of this trip that you don't want to end, gastronomy is another of the experiences in Colombia that you will thank forever. The innumerable cultural influences that can be found in Colombia you will appreciate more in the different typical dishes depending on the region in which you are. With so much food, you will surely get fat, but believe me, you will not regret it.

Prepare a cup of coffee and drink it

In the country with the best coffee in the world, one of the best experiences in Colombia you can have is to visit a coffee farm, prepare your own cup of coffee and of course drink it.

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* Cover image taken from Social Pulse.