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Destinations to travel with mom for Mother's Day in Colombia

Destinations to travel with mom for Mother's Day in Colombia

2019-05-03 15:01:35

We agree that our mother is the person we love the most in the world and that we own to her everything we are, we also agree that we should not wait until others day to tell her that we want to give her a gift or even travel with her, however Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to put together two of the things you love most in the world: mom and traveling.

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No matter the date you choose to travel with mom , it does not have to be mother's day , but taking advantage of the occasion we present a list of the best destinations to travel on Mother's Day according to the type of mother you have.


For Mother's Day you should travel to...


If your mom is adventurous

If you have a mom who loves adventure and enjoys nature, she would feel happy knowing the Amazon , a place where nature, peace and beauty are one. Another of the ideal destinations for Mother's Day are, the Tayrona Park or Ciudad Perdida in Santa Marta , or even a trip to Caño Cristales in the Macarena where you can do trekking.


If you have a protective mom


If your mom can not rest in peace until she knows where you are, which friend are you with,  what you are doing, when you are traveling, if you have to make a video call every night and bring a souvenier, your mother needs a break, and therefore aday in the Caribbean to celebrate Mother's Day is what she needs. In that sense, we recommend a weekend in the beautiful island of San Andres , Isla Múcura , the beautiful beaches of Santa Marta , Isla Barú or even Capurganá in the Pacific.


If you have a mom who likes the good life


If instead, you have a mom who is used to being a queen and difficult to surprise, your VIP destinations for Mother's Day are Medellin , Bogota or Cartagena , cities where you can enjoy plans, hotels, restaurants and exclusive clothing stores to satisfy the sophisticated taste of your mother.


For the religious moms


Las Lajas Sanctuary

For them we also have travel recommendations for Mother's Day . The Sanctuary of Las Lajas in Nariño is a perfect destination, because besides its high religious significance it is one of the seven wonders of Colombia , as well as the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá . To make religious tourism in Colombia we also recommend Popayán , the white city, or Buga very soon from Cali , the branch of heaven.


And if your mom does not qualify as one of this mom types, browse the Baquianos Blog and find the perfect destination to travel with mom for mothers day.