Montes de Oca Nature Reserve in La Guajira, a hidden paradise.
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Montes de Oca Nature Reserve in La Guajira, a hidden paradise.

Lun, 14 marzo 2022
Montes de Oca Nature Reserve in La Guajira, a hidden paradise.

La Guajira is known for being the host of some of the most beautiful landscapes and crossings in Colombia , however, its attractions are not limited to a few places, but it has many others that are hidden there to mass tourism and are real hidden paradises . One of these is the Montes de Oca Nature Reserve, a place that seems straight out of Gabo's imagination, as this is pure magical realism.

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Montes de Oca , is a place that deserves to be visited, and marvel at the variety of landscapes that can be found in the same department, from the deserts of Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas , to the dry forest that is found in this place of green and fresh landscapes, it is something wonderful. Keep reading so you know how to get to Montes de Oca and what to do.

How to get to Montes de Oca?

Montes de Oca is located in the district of Carraipía , in the Serranía del Perija , between the municipalities of Maicao and Albania , so you can take a direct bus to Maicao from Santa Marta or Barranquilla , but you are in Riohacha . You can get tickets from COP 25,000 if you leave Santa Marta or from COP 35,000 if you are in Barranquilla.

Once in Maicao , you must take a car to the Montes de Oca Nature Reserve on the main road of this municipality. This transport costs 10,000 COP and takes around 20 minutes.

What to do in the Montes de Oca Nature Reserve?

The Montes de Oca Nature Reserve is a privileged place that houses many beauties. The Nature Reserve has about 13 waterfalls from which a magical blue color sprouts, although only a couple of them are suitable for swimming, just seeing them is worth it.

The main activity in this place is hiking and the observation of both flora and fauna, especially birds , in fact, Montes de Oca hosts about 200 species of plants, 15% of the total mammal species that inhabit the country, 62% of amphibian and reptile species found on the Caribbean coast, and 177 bird species.

Another of the attractions found here are rocks, which come from different ages and origins, which come from the Jurassic period to the Quaternaries.

Montes de Oca is a unique and beautiful place in Colombia worth visiting, you just have to take into account to enjoy this beautiful place and remember the principles of responsible tourism.

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* Cover photo taken from El Heraldo.

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