Popular destinations in Colombia to visit in South America by TripAdvisor.
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Popular destinations in Colombia to visit in South America by TripAdvisor

Mar, 29 octubre 2019
Popular destinations in Colombia to visit in South America by TripAdvisor

Every year TripAdvisor ; The largest community of travelers in the world, publishes a list with the best recommendations of hotels, restaurants, tours and destinations to visit according to the reviews and comments of all travelers. These awards become the framework of the 2019 T ravelers Choice in various categories and regions. In the case of South America , the portal selected 25 cities, in which four popular destinations in Colombia appear to visit.

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These destinations that we present below are unmissable destinations in Colombia , especially if you come for the first time . These four popular destinations in South America offer unforgettable experiences and places that will make you have good moments and memories of Colombia .

The popular destinations of South America in Colombia


In position number four the beautiful Cartagena appears, presuming its beautiful cobbled streets and impressive walls, which are among other things a World Heritage Site by Unesco. In Cartagena you have many things to do and places to know. It is located on the Colombian Caribbean coast and is one of the oldest cities in Colombia and South America .


Bogotá is not only the capital of Colombia , but one of the most exciting and versatile popular destinations in the country. It is located in position number 14 of the list, and here there is much to do. This city not only has a great offer in terms of historical sites, but also cultural, gastronomic and business. La Candelaria , its historic center is one of the most beautiful historical neighborhoods in the country and some of the most beautiful towns in Colombia are also in the department of Cundinamarca .


Another of the popular destinations in South America according to Tripadvisor is Medellín , which, some time ago was named by CNN Travel as the coolest city? Latin America, thanks to the impressive transformation it has had in recent years, where violence was changed by a lot of culture, and one of these examples is the popular graffiti tour by the Commune 13 . Among other things, the department is in a privileged position due to its climate and sculptural landscapes that can be seen from any point. Guatapé and Piedra El Peñol is one of the must-see destinations to visit while you are in Medellín . It is ranked 19.

Santa Marta

In position number 20 is Santa Marta , as one of the popular destinations to visit in South America . It is a charming city on the north coast of Colombia , which is the oldest city in the country, and the home of the mountain next to the highest sea in the world, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , which in its entrails holds incredible destinations such as Tayrona Park , Minca and the Lost City , this being the best trekking in South America . This is a perfect destination for rest and enjoyment, because its more than 500 kilometers of beach, will make you spend a day of pure tranquility and peace, and at night the winds of the sea and music will transfer you to the most paradisiacal place of the Caribbean.

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