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These are the best destinations to travel alone in Colombia

These are the best destinations to travel alone in Colombia

2018-08-30 03:46:17

Traveling alone is one of the experiences that everyone should have at least once in their life time. Traveling alone does not mean you are crazy, weird, you do not have friends, on the contrary, traveling alone means that you are a person full of courage, and self confidence.

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No doubt, to travel alone you need a lot of courage, so there are never enough tips to travel alone that, more experienced travelers, can give us to not fail in the attempt.

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Although it is true that there are no restricted destinations for those who decide to travel alone, there are places more friendly than others for those on their own travelers. Culture, people, climate, may be factors that can make traveling alone add extra points, or not.

Now, in the case of Colombia , the truth is that it is a perfect country to travel alone , in every corner of the country your willfind warm and nice  people willing to provide help, however, as you can imagine, there are some destinations that stand out above others .

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The best to travel alone in Colombia


Santa Marta

This city surrounded by beach, breeze and sea, is the perfect destination to travel alone. The kindness of its people and the large number of sites and open spaces provide different alternatives such as taking a walk, go to the beach , go out to have a meal, a drink or dance and it mighty become a good opportunity to meet new people.

The same will happen, if on the contrary you want to connect with nature in Tayrona Park , Minca , or you can also do it in The Lost City.

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La Guajira

Traveling to La Guajira is synonymous with adventure, this is what makes it an excellent destination to travel alone . It is located in the far north of Colombia and is a large portion of land full of amazing landscapes, a rich culture and very friendly people.

Palomino adds to this, a perfect destination for lonely travelers and backpackers. Then you can continue to Cabo de la Vela and then reach Punta Gallinas on your own.



The world capital of salsa , with its friendly and gentle people awaits you if you decided to travel alone and make yourself live a great experience during your stay in this beautiful city. The people of the Pacific, like everyone living on the sea coast, carry a special sparkle of joy and an overflowing kindness, qualities that will make you feel very loved and accompanied.



Medellín is a city that has many sites and monuments to visit, which at the same time has a number of close  adn charming towns like Guatapé , Belén de Antioquia and Jericó that are visiting

Something that characterized the people from the region or paisas is their enthusiasm and great sense of belonging. The city of the "eternal spring" has a great demand for both national and foreign tourists, which makes it an ideal destination for travelers and even more to travel alone for sure you will have the opportunity to meet other travelers.