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  • Travel, what the science says about packing and kicking off.
Travel, what the science says about packing and kicking off.

Travel, what the science says about packing and kicking off.

2018-10-22 20:07:12

Traveling, traveling and traveling is the life that many of us would like, especially those who do not feel from just one place, those who love to know new cultures, new places, explore new worlds.

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Well, generally, or mainly people before this generation, consider travelers as people who do not want stability, who do not want to build a future and things like that, or, Haven`t you been told one of these things or something similar?

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But the truth is that science has come once again to bring the foundations of such claims down, and we know that traveling has many benefits , but now what scientists have discovered it is much more surprising.

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What does science say about traveling?

When we travel, our brain changes. That is the conclusion to which; roughly, a group of psychologists have arrived in a research carried out.

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This is because when we choose to travel , the fact of knowing new places, people, cultures, food and in general the whole experience of the trip stimulates the brain by changing its structure thanks to a characteristic called cerebral plasticity; the ability of the brain to generate new neuronal connections and optimize and strengthen superior psychological processes such as learning, memory, language and particularly the ability to solve problems.

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All this happens because traveling opens the mind , allows us to know a whole new universe, which provokes a desire to explore, to learn, and reinforces self-confidence. Also, traveling , allows to sharpen the senses such as touch and interoception thanks to new textures and thermal sensations; listeninging for hearing new sounds like those of nature, the city, dialects and languages; the taste, when tasting new food; and the vision.

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And more...

The fact of traveling and breaking with routine, doing new and different things, knowing places, people and new cultures cause the brain to segregates a series of chemical substances such as adrenaline, when the trip includes extreme sports, and serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for our mood; It all helps with these changes in the brain.

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Another of the benefits travelling brings to the brain, has to do with the development of creative, adaptive skills, space and constructive sight and problem solving, because when we travel, we need to make mental maps to know where we are or the routes we are going to do; we have to be open to understand the ways of thinking, speaking, acting and living of the people who live in the places we visit, and in a special way, the ability to deal with the difficulties that always appear in travel.

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In conclusion, travel literally transforms the mind, body and life. So, if traveling is your passion, like ours, now you have more reasons to do it more often.

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