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Santa Marta, all the information you need to know to visit the city

2018-09-24 20:51:49

Santa Marta , is a city that little by little has been sneaking into the lists of cities and destinations to visit in Colombia , until getting to be in the eye of visitors who prefer it more every day.

And it is that Santa Marta , is one of those destinations that at first sight might not trap you, but once in the city you would not want to leave, because in addition to all its beauties and attractions Santa Marta has something that grab you; proof of it are all the hundreds of foreigners who have made this paradise their home, not in vain is it called 'the most beautiful Bay in America'

Its environment, the warmth of its people and its quality of life are just ome of the things that peaople liked the most and end up staying here, an fact that allows it to be an ideal destination when you travel alone through Colombia .


About Santa Marta


Just so you have an piece of information about it, Santa Marta , is the oldest city in Colombia and the continent  founded on July 29, 1525 by Rodrigo de Bastidas, a fact that made it the main port of the Spanish crown; until the foundation of Cartagena a few years later, and its port was the entrance to the catholic church (the Cathedral is known as the mother of all churches in South America), music, sports and culture, among others.

For national history, Santa Marta is the birthplace of important historical events, such as the oldest building in the country where Simón Bolívar was exposed in a burning chamber when he died in Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino , besides being the birthplace of Gabriel García Márquez , Nobel Prize for literature.

It is also home to the indigenous communities of Kowis, Arhuacos, Wiwas and Kankuamos, direct descendants of the Tayrona civilization.


And what does Santa Marta have?

Santa Marta has the grace to own two of the five reserves of the Biosphere in Colombia , which are the Ciénaga Grande and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ; the largest coastal mountain in the world, where the Tayrona Park is located; one of the most spectacular natural parks in Colombia , and Ciudad Perdida ; also called the colombian Machu Pichu.

Minca is also located, a charming town surrounded by nature and from where it is possible to climb up to some peaks of the mountains, such as the cuchilla de San Lorenzo ; an amazing viewpoint from which you can see the city, the sea and the mountains. And, as if that was not enough, Santa Marta is a city surrounded by beautiful beaches and rivers ,where yo can visit historic sites and get different plans to do in Santa Marta .

Taganga is another of the attractions of the city that offers a different perspective of the city and ideal to practice the Slow Travel trend . And for those looking for different options, there are many options where glamping in Santa Marta , as well as bird watching , a key destination for this activity due to its diversity of fauna and flora.

The nightlife is another attraction of the city, which highlights a variety of places to eat , drink and dance for all tastes and environments.

Near the city is Ciénaga , one of the 17 Heritage Towns of Colombia , which is also the inspiration for the literature work One Hundred Years of Solitude by García Márquez, for what is known as the world capital of magical realism.


The ñapa

And in addition to everything that Santa Marta offers, from here it is possible to reach Palomino , Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas . So, if you have not decided yet, I do not know what other reasons to visit Santa Marta you need. Getting to Santa Marta is very easy and you can find direct flights to Santa Marta at a good price and then the options to move in Santa Marta are very varied and cheap.