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  • What to do in Colombia when you come for the first time. Places and cities
What to do in Colombia when you come for the first time. Places and cities

What to do in Colombia when you come for the first time. Places and cities

2018-08-14 18:52:20

Colombia is not only a big country, but also a wonderful place full of landscapes and stunning destinations that, once visited, you will want to experience over and over again. Besides, every city has its charm and attractions that, as a whole, make Colombia one of the top places to visit with a wide variety of different destinations to go to.

It is a country so rich, beautiful and charming that important newspapers around the world,  such as the New York Times, have included it in its list of places to visit (not in vain, of course). Therefore, when you decide to visit our country for the first time ... or second, or third, we have prepared a list of places to visit and things to do in Colombia.

What to do in Colombia when you come for the first time.


Visit Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world

Imagine a 5-color river, closely resembling what a river would like if merged with a rainbow. That?s right, Caño Cristales is known as the most beautiful river in the world. It is located in the department of Meta and it is one of the gems left by the end of the armed conflict with the FARC. It is definitely one of the must-visit places in Colombia, and is part of an excellent plan of things to do in Colombia when you visit the country for the first time. Learn more about Caño Cristales by clicking here.


Walking around and get to know the wax palms in the Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley is home to the highest wax palms in the world, standing more than 60 meters high, and as a national symbol of Colombia. Here you will be able to experience all the tranquility and beauty that this place holds, while also enjoying the wonderful views offered by the Coffee Region, many of which are landscapes recognized as World Heritage Sites. In addition to that, the Cocora Valley is the prelude of the Nevados National Park and home of an important Hummingbird Reserve. Cocora Valley is an excellent destination to visit during your time in Colombia. If you want to know how to get there, click here.


Get to the extreme north point of Colombia in Punta Gallinas

Punta Gallinas, also known as the ?most Northern point in South America?, is another destination not to be missed when visiting Colombia for the first time. It is the place where Colombia begins ... or ends. This destination is fully formed by the sand of the desert and the beautiful sea, making its scenery both unique and a complete spectacle. Here you will find all the information you will need if you want to visit Punta Gallinas by yourself


Visit Santa Marta, the most beautiful Bay in the Americas

You must visit Santa Marta when you come to Colombia for the first time; in fact, you should visit this city every time you come to the country. You may think we are overreacting, but, when you are here, you will understand what we are talking about. Just to mention a few things, Santa Marta has one of the most spectacular natural parks in Colombia, Tayrona Park. It has more than one hundred beaches, where Bahía Concha and Playa Cristal stand out as some of the best. Amidst the mountains, you will find The Lost City, also known as Colombia?s Machu Picchu and considered the best Trek in South America. Another attraction is Minca, a paradise in the mountains that you should add on your list of places to visit. In addition to the places mentioned above, Santa Marta has a great abundance and variety of historical places and museums to visit, and a varied nightlife perfect for eatingdrinking, and dancing. In short, here you will find plenty things to do in Colombia when you come for the first time.


Get to Guatapé and do not miss the chance of climbing El Peñol

Guatapé is a paisa town, as is one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia. It is full of colorful houses and an immense rock called El Peñol; which is one of the main attractions of the town. This giant stone has many legends about the reason for its particular position and location, but what really surprises visitors are not the 700 steps that you have to climb to reach the top, but the spectacular view you get to experience from the top. This is an excellent city to visit in Colombia when you visit Medellín; we are confident that you won?t regret it. Learn how to get to Guatapé by clicking here.


A nice walk in La Candelaria

This is definitely one thing that what you have to do in Colombia when you are in Bogota. Taking a walk along its streets brings you back in time. We also recommend that you visit the cities? other emblematic places, such as Chorro de Quevedo and Monserrate, getting to know where the senators and members of congress work, and admire the most awesome graffitis that adorn the walls of the capital.


Learn to dance salsa in Cali

Cali is known as the salsa capital of the world. It?s a fact; everyone here knows how to dance, and the city is home to the best salsa schools in the country, many of which are recognized worldwide. However, this city offers much more than just salsa dancing, such as visiting the monument to Cristo Rey, the brother of the Christ the Redeemer of Corcovado in Brazil, climbing the Hill of Three Crosses, taking the cat tour, visiting the house Jorge Issacs in the historic district of San Antonio, taking a walk along the River Boulevard, and bathing the Pance River.  An excellent time to visit this city is during Cali?s Fair.