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How to get to Santa Cruz de Lorica in Córdoba and what to do

How to get to Santa Cruz de Lorica in Córdoba and what to do

Santa Cruz de Lorica , is a municipality located in the department of Córdoba, 60 km from Montería . It is recognized as the treasure of the Caribbean, for its important river artery that is the Sinú River , which has given it life and the cheerful and open character with which it receives its visitors from all over the world. It was along this river that immigrants from France, England, Belgium, North America, Syria and Lebanon entered, attracted by natural riches.

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Lorica is one of the Heritage Villages of Colombia , and walking through its streets is totally charming; It has a unique architecture between Republican and Lebanese. Influences that can be tasted also in food.

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To visit Lorica and in general all the Heritage Villages of Colombia , is to make a direct trip to history and to places where the traditions and heritage of the country is kept alive. Learn how to get to Lorica and what to do in this beautiful town


How to get to Lorica?


No matter the city where you are, to get to Lorica , you must get to Montería first. There, in the Transportation Terminal, you take a direct bus from Montería to Lorica and in about an hour you will be in this beautiful town for a value of 10,000 COP per person.


What to do in Lorica?


The main activity to do in Lorica is to visit it, to do it is just fasinating and as I had said before it manages to transport you to other eras. In this municipality its Historic Center stands out, with large and imposing old buildings that are kept in very good condition, such as the Santa Cruz de Lorica Market , which thanks to its importance and uniqueness, the Government, in 1996, named it a national monument .

Also you can not miss the Cathedral of Santa Cruz de Lorica , the Malecón ; where the plan is to sit on the banks of the river to wait for the sunset and watch as the sun seems to sink in the water and from inside, reflect as if it were gold, the Mural in relief is another attraction, like buildings González and Afife Matuk.

Another place you can not miss is the Plaza de la Independencia , the Casa Rural and the Lorica Club , among other gems that can be found in this town. And if you want to have a closer contact with the sea, go to the Bay of Cispatá , located north of the municipality, and where you can meet and admire the tradition of fishermen. Here, you can also enjoy seawater and fresh water, since there are beaches in the area that meet the Caimanera marsh.

If you want to continue discovering the Caribbean coast, here are other destinations that you can enjoy and that are equally beautiful, starting near Lorica with Isla Múcura and Tintinpan , then you can go up to Cartagena , where you can discover Mompox , another one of the Heritage Villages of Colombia Continuing north, you can not stop stopping in Santa Marta and get to know all the beauties you have to know, such as Ciénaga , Aracataca , Tayrona Park , Minca , where you can watch birds , and Ciudad Perdida ; cataloged as the best trekking in Colombia and South America . Finally, you can not know the wonderful department of La Guajira , where Palomino is located, the Wildlife and Flora Sanctuary Los Flamencos , Maicao , Cabo de la Vela and Ptata Gallinas; the northernmost point of Colombia and South America . You can also enter the blog and be inspired to travel through Colombia.